Russia’s version of Tattler published an interview with Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov’s ex-wife, Katya. She apparently left him 2 years ago to find herself in Paris.  She characterises “Dima” (as she calls him) as rather weak. And at one point, she implies that he’s pining for her. According to her version of events, he came into his current position due to some fluke.  The whole article struck me as odd, frankly. How it made it to print is unclear.

Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment admits that the energy sector relies on foreign technology for extraction purposes. “Sanctions … have already had an impact on production of hard-to-recover reserves. As a rule, our oilmen use foreign technologies and try to adapt them to our conditions.

McDonald’s Russia troubles continue. More shutdowns, court cases, and accusations of health hazards.  So far, 12 McDonald’s in Russia have been temporarily closed for one reason or another.  Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that “Russia’s consumer-safety regulator is taking the U.S. fast-food chain to court for allegedly understating the caloric value of its burgers and milkshakes and having microbial contamination in other products.”  This is in addition to the 80 cases the regulator has opened against McDonald’s already.

Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev threatened to curb imports of medicine to Russia.   He later clarified his statement, saying

If the government follows through on this, the big winner could be Audit Chamber Chief, Tatiana Golikova.  Her family are allegedly involved in Russia’s pharmaceutical industry.

Long piece here on why Putin’s poll numbers are not to be trusted.  Well worth the read.

Putin has instituted military drills in the Far East Military District.  In addition, he has taken over Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin’s position as Chief of Russia’s Military-Industrial Commission.

Finally, both Brent and Urals are trading below $100.


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