A few notes on Russia’s elections on Sunday:

Sergey Markov is still going strong with his posts to Facebook:

A policy proposal:

And a prediction:

Opposition politician, Alexei Navalny, noted:

Vladimir Putin’s rumored girlfriend, the former Olympic rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabayeva, has given up her seat in the State Duma:

It turned out, however, that she exchanged one sinecure post for another.

Kabayeva will chair the board of directors at Yuri Kovalchuk’s National Media Group, according to a report from Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Russian Government bragged on its Twitter account:


Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, announced on Monday that the Russian government would be creating a fund to aid companies hurt by sanctions:

The plan would be funded by money from pensions:

Russia’s market is not doing well in the face of the latest sanctions:

And crude is still falling:

But don’t worry, Russia has $5 billion lying around for Iran:

Russia’s Energy Minister is attending at meeting at OPEC, but don’t expect it to go well:

More on the sanctions front:

Sanctioned companies who didn’t bother investing in technology are going to get hit hard:

And bad news for tourists planning to go to Russia:

People getting asked what they are bringing into Russia:


Controversial op-ed in the Washington Post on what NATO can do to aid Ukraine:

YouTube has shut down LifeNews’ channel:

Presidential Aide, Vladislav Surkov, allegedly visited Kyiv for consultations with President Poroshenko.  It is unclear is this is the same visit as the one mentioned last week, or a second one.

Article by Simon Shuster on how the deal in Brussels postponing Ukraine’s trade deal with the European Union went down.

The article ends with this quote from Igor Yurgens, “a former Kremlin advisor”:

When does a ceasefire stop being a ceasefire?


NATO is doing its best to ignore what happened in Estonia.

Even as Estonia called Russia’s ambassador in for a third meeting on the topic.

Interesting thoughts about the situation in Lithuania, and the threat it faces from Russia:

And a Russian Foreign Ministry official has stated:

“The international community must decisively prevent the further gross restriction of the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the Baltic countries and the worsening of already alarmingly politicized Russophobia.”

You can find the translation of the full speech by Robert Coalson here or here.

And some thoughts on Poland’s reactions to the crisis in Ukraine and what it means:

Inside Russia

A new documentary series “about Soviet citizens who betrayed the motherland” is set to begin airing in Russia soon.

“It’s about the essence of treachery. It’s about why eight Soviet citizens with a good upbringing, brilliant education and wonderful careers decided to work for a foreign state and do enormous damage to our country.”

Russia’s Prosecutor General, Yuri Chaika, reports:

And the Navalny team is still hard at work:

Odds & Ends

Finally, something to make you feel better:


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