Crude spiked a little yesterday:

But the ruble continued its downward slide:

Demographic decline is impacting Russia’s economy more than they’d like to admit:

With the central bank increasingly drawing attention to poor demographics, it’s “in effect saying it can do nothing for the economy, whose problems are structural in character.”

And Russia’s Central Bank is looking for ways to avoid implementing capital controls:

Still more bad news for Russia’s economy:

More capital flight from Russia over the summer:

Meanwhile, Russia’s government pledged to back continued spending on the defense industry:


The market did not react well to the Sistema drama, and Evtushenkov’s house arrest.  BBC reported:

The Moscow Exchange temporarily restricted trading in Sistema as shares in the oil and telecom group fell 37%.

The move has sparked fears of more capital flight from Russia.

Reactions from Russia’s business community were not positive about the event:

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, denied the case was political, but did so awkwardly:

Journalist Yulia Latynina saw another conspiracy behind the arrest:

Putin is scheduled to meet with Russia’s oligarchs today:

The timing is odd given the swirl around Sistema, but it appears that the Uralkali drama may be winding down:

Inside Russia

Russia’s parliament is back in business:

More numbers from Sunday’s elections:

Russia still expects to host the World Cup in 2018:

And Formula One is still scheduled to take place in mid-October:

Burger King the latest foreign company hit by inspections:

The Estonia kidnap case continues as Russia’s Lavrov insists the Estonian was on Russian territory illeaglly:

Ukraine & Crimea

Michael Weiss on his visit to Kyiv last week:

The EU remains out of sync on Ukraine:

What exactly does the agreement Ukraine’s parliament passed mean?

Some vocabulary to help you sift through the Ukraine crisis:

Crimean Tatars are again being persecuted:

Video here:

And more details:

Former Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, spoke in Warsaw a few days ago about the Ukraine crisis:

Finally, Russia’s polling agency, VTsIOM, released its latest yesterday:


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