Crude jumped slightly yesterday:


Russia’s stock exchange MICEX fell again:

But the ruble bounced:

More depressing forecasts on Russia’s economic outlook:

Russia’s government approved its budget for 2015-2017 yesterday, and went about posting photos of how they planned to spend their money:

The budget will have to use funds from the National Welfare Fund for the first time since 2008:

President Putin chaired a State Council meeting on Russia’s economic situation:

The meeting focussed on the development of Russian business and making it more competitive on the global market in the context of Russia’s membership in the World Trade Organisation.

In his own remarks, Putin claimed that Russia had no plans to sanction itself again:

Russia will not pressure the West with sanctions but will pursue its own interests

Russia’s Gazprom, meanwhile, continues to cut gas supplies to Europe:

Despite official denials, sanctions are starting to bite:


More fears that this could turn into a ‘second Yukos’:

Interview with self-exiled oligarch Chichvarkin on the topic:

Russia’s Economy Minister Ulyukayev appeared to be just as ignorant as everybody else.

“We have a (growth) forecast for -2.4 percent this year for investment, however this is without a doubt under threat and here we have been waiting for some kind of clarification of the situation.”

And in the absence of any updates, a Russian newspaper decided to go with this story:

Inside Russia

BBC News’ team in Russia was attacked and robbed while working on a report in Astrakhan:

But they managed to get their story anyway:

The August numbers for North Caucasus violence are out:

The European Court of Human Rights released their verdict against Russia:

Chechnya’s Kadyrov is on a campaign against what he calls “wahhabism”

Kadyrov got approval to officially conscript Chechens for the Russian Army:

And Kadyrov gets a grape named for himself:

Daghestan’s Abdulatipov has been under attack recently for his lack of success in the region:

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s daughter is allegedly back in Russia.  Rumor has it that she doesn’t speak Russian.


RFE/RL reports:

Some 15 members of Russia’s Federal Bailiffs Service arrived at the Mejlis — the Crimean Tatars’ self-governing body — on September 18 and requested that all people leave it.


More ‘aid’ from Russia is heading to Luhansk:

Ukraine’s President Poroshenko visited the US and spoke to Congress:

Odds & Ends

Finally, photos of Svaneti in Georgia:


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