Russia’s economy continues to flounder in the face of sanctions:


Gazprom spokesman, Alexander Medvedev, claimed that sanctions would not impact their supply chain.

Even so Russian gas supplies to Central Europe are still falling, according to the WSJ.

The chief of Russia’s second-largest bank, VTB, met with Putin on Monday:

Presidential adviser, Sergei Glazyev, proposed taxing capital flight:

Sanctions are now impacting long-term projects:

But IKEA is staying in Russia:

Russia’s regions will have the right to impose property taxes next year. The percentage they will be allowed to charge is still up for debate, however:

Opposition politician, Alexei Navalny, remains under house arrest:

It looks like Qatar will not be hosting the World Cup in 2022 ‘because of its climate’.

This prompted several people to joke about Russia’s chances of keeping the World Cup:


The latest round of talks in Minsk resulted in the following:

Kommersant published a map of Russia’s proposed “buffer zone” in eastern Ukraine:


Crimea’s leader, Aksyonov, gave an interview to Kommersant over the weekend that was scathing toward the Crimean Tatars, and their leadership:


In Georgia, meanwhile, the political situation continues to rapidly spiral out of control:

Georgia’s former president, Mikhail Saakashvili, received a less than complimentary article in the New York Times over the weekend:

But the pictures in the article are great.


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