More threats of deportation in Crimea:

Even as Crimean Tatar Mejlis is forced out of their offices:

And Crimean Tatar delegates were prevented from going to New York for the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples:

Now weather playing havoc with Kerch ferry:


Russia’s budget for next year is based on a false premise:

Capital flight continues:

Ruble did a little better:

And MICEX did too:

Russia’s military purchases are hiding the fact that its economy is stagnating:


Putin’s judo partner, Arkady Rotenberg, had some overseas property seized:

Even as Bershidsky complains of lack of political will in seizing assets of the sanctioned:

“The logical conclusion is that European governments aren’t really trying — possibly a sign that they are planning to do business with Putin’s regime and, inevitably, with his cronies, when the Ukraine crisis blows over.”

It seems that somebody got the definition of ‘sanctions’ wrong:

More requests for bailout from companies impacted by the sanctions:

And Putin’s crony, Rotenberg, will get a bailout from Russia’s budget:

But struggling Mechal will not:

Gazprom still insists that it will not be impacted by the sanctions:

Even as they continue to accuse Ukraine of stealing gas meant for European countries like Poland:

And Exxon gets a grace period to shut down operations in Russia:

It is still unclear what action the EU will take next regarding sanctions:

Inside Russia

Russia’s Migration Service claims there are 4 million ‘illegal migrants’ in Russia, mostly due to overstayed visas.

Longer discussion the subject here:

A thought:

And a prediction:

More on the recent formalizing of conscripting Chechens into Russia’s military:

Russia’s parliament is still hard at work banning things:

And finger pointing:

I want one:


Ex-president Saakashvili’s wife has been kicked out of her apartment:

Rumour that Georgia has offered to help train Syrian rebels:

But this was later denied:

Georgia’s Prime Minister spoke about IDPs at the United Nations.

A Georgian MP is pushing for stricter abortion laws.

And the focus on the so-called feud between Georgia’s President and Prime Minister continues:

Odds & Ends

Fun post-Soviet Soviet art:

And more:


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