Russia’s Finance Minsitry sold all of the treasury bonds it put up for sale on Tuesday:

WTI and Brent fell on Tuesday:

And again on Wednesday:

The World Bank says Russia’s economy is not doing as well as it claims:

And a bank chief says that they are putting more limits on giving consumer loans:

But Russia’s Central Bank insists they have a handle on the situation:

However, some of their calculations are based solely on hope:

Sistema’s chief is allegedly not under house arrest anymore:

It is unclear where Norilsk’s Potanin is going with this:

That deal that Gazprom made with China is probably dead in the water:


Western businesses don’t want to give up its gas or contracts with Russia

And it looks like Western governments may be backing down:


Now totally cut off:

More details on the delegates who were denied the opportunity to go to New York:

And Obama’s speech at the UN never talked about Crimea?


The group was later rehabilitated:

And in Kyiv:

A really harsh op-ed from The Moscow Times on the Kremlin turning a blind eye to Russian “volunteers” in Ukraine:

Russia’s policy toward said “volunteers” when they die in battle:

The “ceasefire” is not holding:

Inside Russia

The New York Times highlights the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy at Beslan:

The Russians are still holding the Estonian man they accuse of violating their borders, but

Even so:

This may be the result of the proposed media ownership law that bans foreign entities from investing in Russia’s press:

As a result:

A chart of the companies who would be impacted by such a move:

Russia’s parliament then moved on to Skype calls

But later shelved the proposal so they could explain it better.

Now Ingushetia gets to donate men to the Russian military too:

Sochi is now nearly completely flooded:

As the activist who spoke out against the poor construction and the environmental impact it would have remains imprisoned:

In the North Caucasus:

And at a tourism conference in Daghestan:

Levada Center, one of Russia’s main polling organisations, published its most recent survey:

Amid complaints:

But Levada has never said it was completely comfortable with those numbers:

And Kasparov commented:

Another survey, from FOM, revealed that:

Odds & Ends

As Uzbekistan’s cotton harvest season opens, what do you know about cotton?

Russian documentary about the current version of the Lenin cult:

Funny comic about Obama’s speech to the UN yesterday:

And finally some great photos of Chechnya’s mountainous district of Itum-Kali:


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