Crude fell again:

And that will have an impact on future export decisions, says Russian government:

Sistema’s chief remains under house arrest, despite pleas from both his lawyers and investigators:

On his birthday, no less:

Of course, Sistema’s stock dropped as a result of the ruling:

Russia’s Central Bank says nothing you are blaming them for is their fault!

Inflation is increasing more rapidly than minimum wage:

But revenues from taxation are up:



Russia’s Rosneft is not doing well in the face of sanctions, despite its vociferous denials:

But at least someone is winning in all of this:

A joke about Russia’s sanctions:

Russia’s hipsters are losing their sushi due to sanctions:

And Russia’s sanctions will impact inflation:

Despite earlier denials, it looks like LUKoil is also looking for a bailout:

But perhaps not in cash?

And Russia’s state development bank will get its bailout

A Russian MP has proposed a bailout for oligarchs impacted by the sanctions. This would potentially include Putin’s judo partner, Arkady Rotenberg, who recently had property in Italy seized.

Putin’s spokesman would only comment that the sanctions are unjust:

And some of Russia’s oligarchs are still trying to put a brave face on their situation:

But there are those who anonymously disagree:



Inside Russia

That FOM poll also found:

You too can have an ax with Putin on it:

Former Finance Minister, Alexei Kudrin’s NGO conducted a study on last weekend’s elections:

Mushroom picking season has begun:

Protest outside the US embassy in Moscow yesterday:

This is what Russians are watching on their televisions now:

More and more Russians want to leave the country:

It has been 15 years since the apartment bombings that started our adventures with Putin:



Russia’s adventurism in Crimea is probably going to end badly, its Russian overseer admits:

Even as the Crimean Tatar community faces more evictions:

And persecution:



Photos from Donetsk airport in eastern Ukraine:

The airport was only 2 years old.

That “ceasefire” is still not a “ceasing fire”:

As Anne Applebaum defends Ukraine’s actions in eastern Ukraine:

And Russia’s Finance Minister is accusing Ukraine of stealing:

An old argument, but worth checking out:

And weather is already impacting the situation on the ground:

Ukraine’s President Poroshenko still has not signed the lustration bill:


Odds & Ends

A woman in Russia has created a Facebook page to record her adventures in eating only food that has not been banned in her country. She includes the prices of her purchases too.

On the subject of food, a friend wrote a funny ode mocking a New York Times cooking article:

And some music from Dmitry Shostakovich:


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