Crude just keeps falling:

The ruble is also falling:

This seems generous:

Russia’s government is still living on hope, however:

But then predicts a spike in inflation:



“A Moscow court ordered the seizure of Sistema’s stake in Bashneft a day after a judge refused to release Yevtushenkov, who is under house arrest on suspicion of money laundering during the oil firm’s acquisition in 2009.”

Confusion continues to reign even among the highest echelons of the Russian Government:

But Ulyukaev’s influence has always been debatable:

Could all of this be part of a bigger narrative?

A few days old, but worth reading:



Despite rumors to the contrary:

Even with that extension Exxon got from the US Treasury to continue work in Russia for another 2 weeks, it looks like they will be halting work more than a week earlier than originally planned:

Russian companies are also looking for ways around the sanctions:

And some are succeeding:

Russia’s Vladimir Yakunin, sanctioned in Europe, was a participant at the Rhodes Forum in Greece this week:



A Russian activist has accused both the Russian & Ukrainian governments of lying about those killed as a result of the war in Ukraine:

And Russia continues to make inroads:

Meanwhile, in Berlin:

The deal ended up looking like this:

With more talks planned for next week:

It turns out that Russia had a good reason for keeping Gazprom’s CEO, Alexei Miller, hidden for the past year:

Gazprom is still being used as a prong in Russia’s foreign policy arsenal against Europe:

And Hungary has turned off its reverse gas flow to Ukraine under Russian pressure:



More threats:

And more propaganda:


Inside Russia

The Duma soldiers on, solving Russia’s most important dilemmas:

And the law on foreign media ownership has been pushed through:

To depression among Russia’s media:

Who are not even prepared to fight it in court:

Is there method to the Duma’s madness?

Everybody is releasing polls these days:

And Skolkovo is still happening:

Russia’s Prosecutor General is taking this time of confusion to demand more power:


Odds & Ends

Today’s photos are from the North Caucasus republic of Daghestan:

And another set from Moscow circa 1909:

And one more of bus stops in the former Soviet Union:


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