Putin advisor, Sergey Glazyev, has yet more plans for economic recovery:

Full text of Glazyev’s plan:

The chief of Russia’s diamond monopoly quietly stepped down last week for ‘medical reasons’, but will remain on the company’s supervisory board. No reason was given, but it seems likely that it is part of the fight amongst the Kremlin clans for resources and money.



Exxon strikes oil in the Arctic, after begging the US Treasury Department for an extension on its Kara Sea project with sanctioned Rosneft

France’s Total is apparently ignoring the sanctions:

The story behind why Canada backed down on some of its sanctions last week:



The EU decision to postpone the free-trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine that started this war is being met with criticism by some members of the EU:

But not others:

And Gazprom’s chief, Alexei Miller, is keeping to script by using its supplies to Europe to impose Russian foreign policy aims

“The situation is very hard. Even if the deal is signed under those conditions which we are talking about, it does not 100 percent guarantee that there are no disruptions of gas transit to Europe,” Miller said.

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, spoke at the UN General Assembly on Saturday:


Inside Russia

All that money spent on the winter Olympics in Sochi is being put to good use:

A Russian MP wants Fort Ross in California back:


Odds & Ends

Patriotic Russian rap about remembering & recognising the Soviet soldiers who defeated fascism:

Some older photos of Putin before he became President:

In New York, and looking for Georgian food?


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