Russia’s market slid further yesterday:

This means that the ruble is now just at the point of intervention by Russia’s Central Bank

(Though personally I think they’re already intervening).

Russians have yet to feel sanctions’ real bite:

Russia’s Central Bank warns that sanctions will impact Russia’s economy in the longer term too:

And crude just keeps falling:

And now Sberbank wants a bailout:

Putin has destroyed Russia’s economy through his adventurism:

With a quote from Russian self-exiled economist Sergei Guriev:

“Russia had such a massive potential because of its inefficiencies that it was perfectly feasible to achieve this rate of economic growth,” said Guriev. “What changed is that the government decided not to fulfill its promises.”


More foreign companies are getting out of the Russian market:

Carlsberg too:

But General Electric is staying:

And that great discovery by Exxon & Rosneft probably isn’t as great as we were led to believe:

Rosneft’s Sechin says sanctions won’t impact drilling:

But Exxon is out:

But don’t worry, Rosneft will get help financially from Russia’s government:

Want a quote from Sechin? It’s difficult:

The case against Sistema just got bigger:

But Sistema’s chief, Yevtushkov, is still going into the office every day:

Is it part of a bigger narrative?


Inside Russia

The 2018 World Cup preparations are moving forward:

Another McDonalds has been shut down:

Russia’s Moscow Helsinki human rights NGO has almost ceased operations:



Russian militant leader, Pavel Gubarev, has a song for you:

More on the Russian mercenaries fighting in eastern Ukraine

Russia is running with its accusations of ‘genocide’ in eastern Ukraine

Putin’s adventurism is based on miscalculations:

Counter-argument to that here:

That ‘deal’ with Gazprom was only a bunch of hot air:

Is Lithuania Russia’s next target?

Keep an eye on Kaliningrad:

Obama misspeaks (again):

More on the destruction of the Lenin in Kharkiv:



More bad news for the Crimean Tatar community:

You’ll be surprised to find out who is getting the contract for the Kerch Strait Bridge:


Odds & Ends

Photos from the North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia:

And photos from Georgia:


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