Opposition politician Dmitry Ryzhkov predicts:

Lack of resources means more fighting amongst the Kremlin clans:

Even as Putin’s judo partner asks for more money:

Vedomosti will probably be shut down soon, so they’re just going for it:

More details on Russia’s 2015 budget:

The US has quietly cut a program that gave deals on imports to Russia:



Crimean Tatar leader Dzhemilev deserves the Nobel Peace Prize this year:

Dzhemilev’s son, meanwhile, still remains a hostage of Moscow:

As Crimean Tatars complain that they are being harassed:

And abductions spike:

And Russia still needs that land corridor:

Alexander Golts on the euphoric rhetoric coming from the Kremlin:

France & German say they’ll aid the OSCE in Ukraine:


NATO’s new chief:

But will it?

More details emerge on the Russian kidnapping of an Estonian officer in Estonia:


Ramzan Kadyrov’s birthday celebrations continued on as if the terrorist attack never happened:

Death toll from the attack now sits at 5 dead:

Plus the perpetrator:

Answer remains unclear:

More details on the horrible “deal” Gazprom got from China:

A Navalny partner has applied for asylum in Great Britain:

Former Finance Minister, Alexei Kudrin, still wants to be Russia’s next Prime Minister:

Putin’s birthday is today:

And today is the 8th anniversary of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya:

This set of photos of Vladislav Surkov’s family should probably come with a warning label because some of the photos are bit frightening, but the comments it got were hilarious:



We found the Caucasus in Prague:


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