Russia’s oil price could continue drop significantly if it stays on its current trajectory:

Chart of the day from Bloomberg:

Russia’s Finance Minister delivered a report to parliament about the country’s budget policy:

But did he just sign his resignation letter as a result?

Putin was also supposed to make a presentation to parliament on the budget, but decided against it:

This is how much it cost Russia to artificially keep the ruble below $40:

Planning on doing business in Russia as a foreigner? Read this first:



Russia’s new media law has hidden depths:

More pressure is being placed on Russia’s media and academia to report in a certain way:

Additional evidence that things are not all rosy in Russia:

More from Putin’s birthday celebrations around Russia:

And in Grozny:

But where is Putin?

At least you can get a t-shirt with Putin on it:

But you’ll have to wait in line:

It was also the 8th anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder:



US State Department’s Victoria Nuland was in Kyiv yesterday:

The ceasefire in Ukraine is still not a ceasefire:

Why aren’t the Baltics calling NATO’s Article 5?

Are more sanctions in the works?



Kidnappings of Crimean Tatars continue:




More on Georgia’s new restrictive visa law:

And it is not impacting just foreigners:

In case you missed it, my report:



More photos from Chechnya. This is in the Argun Gorge:


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