Crude fell again:

And the Russian stock market fell too:

Putin advisor, Sergei Glazyev, continues to push for controls on the money fleeing the country:

More bad news as the ruble continues to crash:

And Russia is going to spend its reserves on companies on the sanctions list:

Rather than on pensions and other services:

Sanctions continue to bite:


Meanwhile, Rosneft is desperately searching for a cash injection:

And a technology injection too:

Another bailout request from a state-owned company:

Security threat for Germany?

Speaking of security threats:

Argentina looking warily at Gazprom:




This is from a Russian newspaper:

Profile on who Russia has writing and passing legislation now:

The so-called “Rotenberg bill” got some blowback from government ministers:

But still passed its first reading:

However, the vote was much closer than usual:

Long background on how Rotenberg has been campaigning for this, and who he is using:

The travel ban may not be limited to just Russia’s security services in the near future:

A policy Vedomosti criticizes:

More troubles for McDonalds in Russia:

Sign of the times?

This is what months upon months of propaganda gets you:

Putin was truly at one with nature in Siberia, apparently:

And the ‘parade’ in Grozny for Putin’s birthday was a forced march:

Is Putin’s Russia more vulnerable than it appears to be?

We may be seeing more of these in the near future:




Is Russia still hoping to freeze Ukraine & the EU into submission?

But Ukraine has gotten a deal from Norway:

UN releases statistics on the ceasefire that isn’t a ceasefire:

Could sanctions be eased as soon as next year?




If you believe this, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona…



More on the situation facing Georgia’s IDPs:

Sex-selective abortion is still a problem in the South Caucasus countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia:

Bride kidnapping in Georgia:

The country’s education system is broken:

Even as Georgia’s President says the country is looking to the West:

Georgia’s government is finally realizing that their new restrictive visa laws are damaging the country:

But the detention center is ready for its first inmates:



Photos of the day from Abkhazia:


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