Urals Crude fell below $90 a barrel

Argentina denies any secret deal with Gazprom:

Last month’s photo of Gazprom’s Alexei Miller popped up again:

And Germany confirms its deal will go through:

Never fear, Russia’s government has a list!

The Sistema affair continues on:

But has it turned into another round of the clan wars?

Russia will continue fighting Yukos:

No one is quite sure how high capital flight is now, but the government is clearly worried:

Joke about the Rotenberg bill:




Another poll of Russian attitudes:

Here is how Putin says he spent his birthday:

Still no photos, though it looks like he did manage to fit in a Botox appointment out in the wilderness:

Another Putin poll:

And more on the Putin cult:

Opposition activist, Boris Nemtsov, also had a birthday, and did post photos:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky offers to help Navalny:

And Navalny accepts:

Is Khodorkovsky Russia’s final hope?

And another exiled oligarch comes out to criticise Putin’s system:

But isn’t Putinism just another iteration of Muscovy?

Sochi is hosting Forumla 1:

Even as Russia more severely punishes the activist who campaigned against the poor planning and development of the remodel:

Daghestan continues to be the epicentre of the violence in the North Caucasus:

Gorbachev seems upbeat:




After weeks of delay:

But the law is weaker than first advertised:

Putin advisor, Sergei Glazyev, is still out there on the front lines:

Did the Lavrov-Kerry meeting in Paris get pushed back a week?

Pull this out for press conferences after that meeting:

The Mistral drama continues:

Russia is increasing utilizing online cyber attacks:

And in eastern Ukraine:






More convicted murderers released in Georgia:

More on the visa drama:

And an article I would not recommend reading due to its shoddy reporting, but the message in it from Moscow to Tbilisi is worrying:



This made the rounds today:

Today’s photos also have music to go along with them:

And another set of Russian ballet dancers in Siberia:


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