Crude just keeps falling. I’m still rooting for $80 a barrel:

LUKoil has started their project in western Siberia with less fanfare than Rosneft’s project in the arctic:

While Gazprom is postponing projects right and left:

Maybe they just don’t have the money or technology?

Was Gazprom’s deal with China a sham?

Sanctions continue to bite:

Russia has lost around a tenth of hard currency reserves so far this year in dollar terms

Dollars are quickly disappearing in Moscow:

But food products are where the pain will come from:

Russians still don’t understand why they are being sanctioned:

Or why the ruble is crashing:

But with the Finance Ministry spinning it, what else do you expect?

This number is almost certainly a lie:

Is Morgan Stanley fleeing too?




Even Rossiyskaya Gazeta sees the folly of Putinism:

As assets and money continue to dwindle, the Kremlin clans start circling each other:

Which brings out another rumor that Prime Minister Medvedev may be ousted soon:

This article alleges that Russia will have to stop funding its military-industrial complex in the face of dwindling resources, but I disagree:

Joke about Putin’s Nobel Prize chances:

Look who won instead!

And Gorby is fine!

But his newspaper is not:

Nor is the human rights organization Memorial:

And NTV came out with a scathing tv programme attacking the NGO:

Alexei Navalny’s appeal to dismiss his house arrest results in an extension of it instead:

Putin’s trip to the taiga really did hurt:




Gazprom and Ukraine? Not so much.

Another Russian flees to… Kharkiv?

Could Ukraine lead the CIS rebellion against Russia?




Just what is going on in Pankisi and why did Bloomberg write about it this way?




Who wants to visit these with me?


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