We may see $80/barrel in the next week:

Is the US pressuring Saudi Arabia on energy prices?

Well, they’re apparently okay with it:

Finance Minister Siluanov tells it like it is to Russia’s Parliament:

Even as the ruble dropped further:

Econ 101:

Rosneft is still fighting Gazprom for access to Sakhalin-2:

And signs a deal with China:

And hires lawyers to fight sanctions:

The Kremlin, meanwhile, has another solution:

That fake energy deal between Russia & China was “reaffirmed” today:




More troubles for McDonalds in Russia:

The Oboronservis Scandal: the gift that just keeps on giving:

Very strange goings-on in the Sistema case:

Just what we needed:

And a video for the brave:

And this is why Kadyrov’s social media presence is dangerous:

Will we finally be getting more news from Russia’s regions?

Is the Kremlin’s adventurism solely a tool to maintain their grip on power?

More on Memorial’s struggles, and the important work they do:

And is sending more Russian students abroad to study the answer to society’s ills?

And another article about Russia’s demographic woes:




On the Jackson Diehl op-ed:

Is Russia trying to once again move to a professional army?

More details in English:

Will Putin attend the G20 meeting next month?

And the Mistral drama continues:




Ukraine gets its 4th Minister of Defence since February.

And in eastern Ukraine:




There is totally money in the bank for this:

Time for a census in Crimea:




Abkhazia is getting concessions from Russia:




Poland is the theme today:

And if you are interested in Polish films:


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