We could hit $80 a barrel by Friday:

I feel like I’m at a horse race:

Russia’s Central Bank is spending like crazy to keep the ruble afloat:

And praying (I’m not sure this is real, but it’s amusing)?

But not everybody is pleased by this:

And is it a dead-end?

Inflation and fear:

But the lower ruble is helping Gazprom:

Despite their first agreement being something of a flop, China and Gazprom are climbing back into bed with one another:

And over at Rosneft, another executive falls:

More on the budget crunch:

And Russia is starting to take budget cuts to the regions:


I would agree with this assessment:

Possibly the greatest question posed yesterday:




This is what Russians think of democracy:

And a free press:

Russians are still rushing for the exits, and here is why:

Putin’s office owns land in… Finland?

Putin held a meeting of his Human Rights Council, and it did not sound like it went well:

Or maybe it did?

As usual, these numbers are questionable:

Seriously, all, just stop:

And pretty much the greatest compliment of all time, and my new mantra:




Really, these people are stuck in the past:

In case you are interested:

And journalist death:

“In Putin’s mind, Ukraine is not a state.” Sums it up nicely:





More kidnappings of Crimean Tatars:

As Russia begins its census there:

Putin is still annoyed by Dzhemilev:





Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, gave a press conference today. The man is clearly smoking something more than tobacco:

Lavrov earned a few jokes at his expense:

Lavrov and John Kerry met in Paris today, but it appears that they’re no closer to an agreement on Ukraine:

They did however reach a compromise on Syria:

But Kerry looked frustrated:


But will they?

And I’m still hard at work:



In case you missed it the first time:

And a bit of history:




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