Yet more bad news for Russia’s energy market:

Econ 101:


And one more:

More counter-sanctions:

Russia is heading for a crash, and Putin is leading them there:

We have another 2 years of this if Russia’s reserves are as high as they claim (I have my doubts):

Something is up with Usmanov:

Sums of the last 15 years pretty nicely:





More Finnish leaks on Russian property ownership in their country:

And more details on the first leak:

Putin knows what side his bread is buttered on. Police & “special services” earn the most in this chart:

The media ownership law has gotten Putin’s stamp of approval:

Official document here:

Who is hit by this?

This is overly pessimistic, in my opinion:

And there is time to divest and restructure:

But was this decision always about the money?

66% internet penetration seems high to me:

Really interesting poll from Levada on how Russians attitudes toward Putin have changed in the past few months. More see Putin as “good tsar” prevented from enacting change by his advisers now than did in May 2012.

This is not going to win friends in Russia’s oligarch community:

Let’s not imagine how this will play out:

More bad news from Chechnya:

Conscription has started up again:





Alternate universe:

But former Finance Minister Kudrin was also preaching this back in April.

And somebody else is living on another planet too:

A response:

This is what passes as Russia’s foreign policy now:


And another interview with a Kremlin official:

But Markov is disappointed:

And that’s not good:

Prime Minister Medvedev gets in on the interview action too:


And one final interview:





I’m sure you are all as shocked by this as I was:

The Long War?

The Wall is definitely being constructed:




And more bad news on the rights of minorities in the region:

Navalny speaks:


Wise words:

And some music:




Tbilisi isn’t addressing any issues, in my opinion:

There is too much pot-stirring going on in Georgia right now. I’m worried:




Lermontov’s birthday:

Sergei Ponomarev is a great photographer documenting everyday life in Daghestan:

Beauty in the midst of war:


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