More bad news for Russia’s economy:

They have to say this, right?

But there’s always money in the banana stand:

One person gets it anyway:

It’s just too bad he has to write an article in Kommersant to be heard:

Somebody is playing the market:

Buried in this story was that business people are upset because they were not consulted:

Roads & fools (and thieves):

This is higher than I’ve heard previously:

And another threat from Putin:




Tatler knows something we don’t, or they’re in the same boat as the other foreign-owned media holdings, and are just going for broke:

A solution to Russia’s corruption problem?

These events are happening almost daily in Daghestan now:

As does this one:

And in Krasnodar:

Kabardino-Balkaria is a mess too:




Somebody is getting hit by the sanctions anyway. Unfortunately, it is only Kadyrov’s horses:

Lawsuits in the works over sanctions:

Some details:


And the EU is not budging, apparently:

How’s this for petty?

Putin always has time for friends:

Another Russian flees:

More Cold War moves:

And more war games:

Don’t we all?

Is Putin backed into a corner?




Ukraine is getting less and less media coverage:

Putin brings back “Novorossiya” after a hiatus:



Good news:

But makes no mention of locals impacted.

And Georgia’s Defense Minister tells Russia to mind their own business:

Even as Russia places more pressure on the country:



If you have time for a podcast:

Photos of the day:





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