Addendum to yesterday’s post on Russia’s economic troubles.

The Russian press published the following today:

And it’s not just the FSB, the Ministry of Interior has stopped hiring, Fontanka says.

Meanwhile, this website is keeping track of job cuts, and other economic cutbacks in Russia:

A sample:

The Volvo plant in Kaluga has fired more than 200 employees (or 30% of the staff), and suspended truck production.

Approximately half of engineering & construction firm Mostovik’s 25,000 employees have been let go or are on leave without pay.

Renault’s Moscow factory has stopped production for the month due to decreased demand. Sales of Renault have fallen by 32% since the crisis began, and the car market as a whole has fallen by 24,4%

The governor of Kemerovo Oblast (Kuzbass) in Siberia has cut municipal budgets by 10%, and advised people to economize on heating (in the middle of winter).

Novaya Gazeta published an interview with former government official Mikhail Dmitriev today where he made the following claims:


I also found this statement particularly interesting:


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