Malofeev 2

On his Facebook page today Vladimir Milov wrote a post questioning the narrative that blames Konstantin Malofeev for what has happened in Ukraine.

On “the Malofeev plan for the partition of Ukraine”, published in Novaya [Gazeta], I do not believe in this.

The plans to partition Ukraine have been clearly designed for a long time, and the development of them is conducted in an atmosphere of secrecy involving the highest officials of the Security Council, the GRU, the FSB, and the Army.

Why would the Kremlin need Malofeev (who is essentially a failed businessman) to draw up such a plan?

Again, a certain sector of the elite are not happy with the way this war is going.  They are unhappy about the methods used.  They also may think the conflict should be over by now, and wonder why it is being dragged out.  So the Kremlin needs somebody to blame, and to take the attention away from them and their mistakes.  Who better than Malofeev who is known to be connected to certain groups currently running around Ukraine (Strelkov, Borodai, etc.)?


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