Boris Nemtsov

Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot dead this evening in Moscow.

Nemtsov had apparently commented earlier in February:

Nevertheless, Russia’s so-called opposition movement couldn’t even manage to eulogize Nemtsov properly.  Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s tweet said it all:

“He was reckless, but a very good guy”

Of course, the inevitable question arose: why?

Sasha Sotnik wrote on his Facebook page:

I want to ask Obama, Merkel, and Hollande….

How many more deaths do you need to understand the kind of system you are dealing with?  To realize that you are dealing with a killing machine…

The KGB-FSB will kill everything.  It will kill everyone.  If necessary it will send agents with polonium [a reference to the Litvinenko murder in 2006].  Or missiles.  You too will be killed – Obama, Merkel, and Hollande.

Think before the hourglass is turned over in favor of the KGB

And on that note, I’ll leave you with Belkovsky’s tweet:


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