I cannot remember when I started following Slava Rabinovich on Facebook, but he has been flooding my feed recently with links, prognoses, and advice about Russia’s economic woes.  Rabinovich is very clear on his views on Putin and the war in Ukraine.  So I was intrigued when he commented last night that he could solve the problem of Putin in less than 3 months.

What would I do if I were in the place of the West today?  A cheap but easy [solution].

Today I would introduce sanctions against 1,000 individuals who are directly responsible for unleashing the war of Russian against Ukraine, including all the mid-level [ed. he actually uses the word “livestock” here] management, and the pseudo-journalists from the state media, because they are the contemporary terrible biological weapons.

After that, I would add an additional 200 people every week.

I assure you that after a maximum of 10 weeks, it would all be over.  I do not know exactly how, but it would certainly be over.

These measures are very simple, and do not require any training at all, except to use information that is already there.

One of Rabinovich’s followers commented:

“I don’t understand why the US & EU have not got rid of Putin & Co. I will not believe that they cannot. So they don’t want to.”

Another agreed, saying:

“If the West has not adopted these simple measures, then either they are stupid, or they find this war profitable.”

I understand these sentiments, and do agree that more could be done to stop Putin and his cronies in Ukraine.  But, to be honest, I am more inclined to agree with this commenter:

What sanctions? A ban on travel to the EU and the US?  That’s funny, the world is full of places where you can go for rest and relaxation.  Maldives, Israel, etc.  Freeze their accounts?  Frivolous.  Most of these “disenfranchised” direct accounts in Western banks are not, and those that are, are swirling in offshore companies, with solid faceless beneficiaries.  What about property?  The same as the accounts.  Let’s speak honestly, using sanctions to squeeze these scum is impossible, unless you place them on Interpol’s international wanted list, in order to arrest them anywhere in the world when the exit their aircraft.  That is when there can and will be some sense.  But until then, all this talk is nonsense.


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