A Scathing Response to Chubais

Alfred Kokh wrote a scathing response to Chubais’ earlier post about Nemtsov that I feel deserves attention:

In what way should the opposition stop, Tolya [a nickname for Anatoly]?  In what way should the liberals stop?  In protesting?  Should they show humility in Christ (in whom you do not believe)?  What exactly should they do?  What should they not do?

Should they give up the right to protest, so that they won’t be killed?

Should they give up the right to vote, so that they won’t be imprisoned?

Should they agree to theft the authorities are bogged down in, so they won’t be beaten by police batons?

Should they support the war with brotherly Ukraine so that the authorities will allow them to live?

You made your choice.  You have not communicated with Boris [Nemtsov] for almost a year.  I talked to him yesterday.  This is his word….

The opposition did not kill anyone, and did not call for killing anybody.  The liberals did not imprison anybody, and did not call for imprisoning anybody.

We are not aggressive.  We just want freedom.  We believe that we have rights.  Human rights.  That God (in whom you don’t believe) has given us, rather than Putin (whom you, as a true pagan, worship).

We never crossed any lines.  We have nothing to reproach ourselves for.  And we don’t need to stop.

By stopping we find ourselves in the same company as you.  And this is surrender.

You already strangled the Union of Right Forces (SPS) [ed. a neo-liberal party founded by Gaidar, Nemtsov, and Chubais in 1999].  It was then, as I recall, you also called for restraint in relation to Putin.

Boris will never forgive you.  And Gaidar by the way too.  So that you will have no illusions.  To his dying day, Yegor [Gaidar] regretted that he let you persuade yourself.

And Boris will never forgive us if we stop now.


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