Anatoly Chubais posted the following eulogy to Nemtsov on his official Rusnano website, and Ekho Moskvy picked it up.  I am posting a portion of it here:

Everybody knows that Boris is an absolutely incorruptible man, absolutely sincere, straightforwardly honest.

And today, when I hear the comments of some politicians on televisions or comments on the internet that Liberals organized the murder of Nemtsov, or comments about the fact that the Liberals have provoked a conspiracy that resulted in the crisis of the Russian economy, I realize that it is not those who say it, but the fact that a demand for anger has been created in this country, a demand for hatred has been created in this country, a demand for aggression has been created in this country.

If only a few days ago here in our city people went around with posters “end the fifth column” and today Nemtsov was killed, let’s think — what will happen tomorrow?  We all need to stop.  I emphasize — everybody.  The Government, the opposition, the Liberals, the Communists, the nationalists, the conservatives.  Everybody.  It’s time to stop.  And at least for a minute, let’s think about where we are taking Russia.

And I hope very much that at least today’s tragedy will help us do so.

Chubais’ message that a climate of hatred caused this to happen was not met positively.  Rustam Adagamov tweeted:

In Russia they are killing the opposition, putting them in prisons and detention centres, and Chubais urges them to stop.  One [Nemtsov] was already stopped yesterday on the bridge.


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