Nemtsov Part 2

The Russian internet is rife with conspiracy theories about Nemtsov’s murder, and the Russian government has already chosen two variants that were suggested early on last night.

Even Gorbachev got in on the blame game:

So the official version now is that either the CIA did it, or ISIS, or Ukraine’s security services.  I’ve already gotten a few comments telling me that the timing and location are too obvious for the Kremlin to have ordered the hit.  To which I responded:

Slava Rabinovich posted a long comment on the issue of the location of the murder.  I won’t share the whole of it, but this part struck me:

Understand that he was specifically killed in this place.  Look at CNN’s stories.  You know what a “picture-perfect shot” is?  Like in English called kind of “like a postcard”.  This is already spinning on CNN, Euronews, and on all the other channels.  A picture-perfect shot, and the corpse on the sidewalk of the bridge, with the Kremlin, and St Ivan’s Cathedral in the background.

This is nothing less than an act of intimidation.  An act to intimidate the Russian people, and an act to intimidate the whole world.  It is so spectacular, so picture-perfect, with such a background, it is shocking.  It captures the imagination.


Nemtsov Murder Scene

Muscovites are now gathering at the death scene:


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