If Only…

There was a comment on my Facebook page this morning that if only Boris Yeltsin had chosen Nemtsov as successor instead of Vladimir Putin things would “be different”.

The assumption that Yeltsin had the right or the obligation to choose a successor reveals a sad truth:

The system is rotten.  It is rotten to the core.  It has been rotten since the beginning.

To try to pin blame on a single individual is naive at best.

Of course, Putin is bad.  He is bad for Russia.  He is bad for the world.  But if Putin died tomorrow, what would really change?  The sad truth is that nothing would.

We’d be dazzled by some “reformer” who was really only intent on solidifying his base and hold on power.  And who would use his “reforms” as a personal vendetta against his perceived enemies.

And the whole cycle would start over again.


One thought on “If Only…

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