Peskov On Nemtsov’s Murder

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, gave an interview to the BBC on the murder of Boris Nemtsov.  You can listen to it below.

In the interview, Peskov makes a series of contradictory statements, and points the finger at everybody but the Kremlin.  On his list of potential reasons for Nemtsov’s murder, Peskov included his activities in Ukraine, and his alleged support for Charlie Hebdo.  He also kept using the phrase “the ultras”.

Among Peskov’s money quotes:

  • “The Kremlin is keeping everything under control in the country.”
  • “100% provocation [by the Kremlin’s enemies to discredit Putin].”
  • “He [Nemtsov] couldn’t become a political rival of the Kremlin.”

One thought on “Peskov On Nemtsov’s Murder

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