Khodorkovsky & Nemtsov

It took approximately one day for Ilya Ponomarev’s prediction about Mikhail Khodorkovsky to come at least partially true.  In an article published in Izvestia today, Alexander Prokhanov wrote an article pointing the finger at Khodorkovsky for Nemtsov’s murder.

Now Prokhanov is not exactly the Kremlin, but this could certainly be the first shot across the bow in a campaign to discredit Khodorkovsky and his colleagues.

This could play out a couple of ways.  First, a concerted information campaign against Khodorkovsky and his associates could begin, and the Kremlin will try them in the court of public opinion.

Or alternatively, as I stated earlier, Platon Lebedev is still not allowed to leave Russia, and the authorities could arrest him on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Boris Nemtsov.




P.S. It is worth noting that the person who shared the Prokhanov article on my timeline was Alexander Lebedev with the cryptic comment: “this is also a must read”.


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