Kiselyov Responds to Chubais

I’m not sure what kind of response Anatoly Chubais was hoping for when he blogged about Nemtsov, but I’m pretty sure he was not expecting the backlash that he got.  This answer from Yevgeny Kiselyov is similarly harsh, and condemnatory, but not similar enough to Kokh’s reply that it does not deserve attention.



Anatoly Borisovich, don’t you think that with these words you, only having just placed flowers are the site of your friend’s murder, have immediately betrayed him?

Did Nemtsov need to stop?  To cease to defend his beliefs that divide millions of Russian citizens, even if today they are in the minority?  To give up the fight for the return of the constitutional rights and freedoms taken from Russian citizens?  To stop exposing corruption at the highest echelons of power?  To not publish the regular report on which Boris worked — this time with evidence of the direct armed intervention of Russia in Ukraine?  To no longer organise rallies or marches, or even pickets?  To retire from politics in some backwater like your “Rusnano”?

And who now, after Nemtsov’s death, must stop — people who are going to the streets of Moscow tomorrow to commemorate Boris Nemtsov?  Are you suggesting they stay home?  Or to go out, but only under slogans of loyalty [to the Kremlin]?

Before thinking about where Russia could be led, you threw the communists, the liberals, the conservatives, the nationalists, the authorities and the opposition into one pile, and let’s look truth in the eye and speak frankly, to where you personally have brought the country.

I’m sorry for being so straightforward, Anatoly Borisovich, but — with all due respect to your former merits and undeniable managerial talent — you have to admit that for the past 15 years, you have preached a policy of compromise with the ruling regime, and non-resistance to the evil Putin.

I don’t want to question the importance of the development of nanotechnology, to which you devote yourself, excluding your participation in politics, and giving SPS (Union of Right Forces) to the Kremlin.  But I have to say that with your connivance, meanwhile, fascism has been established in Russia.


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