This Train Is On Fire

Nearly a year ago, when all of this started, I began a project to record what one Russian was writing about the invasion of Crimea, and Ukraine.  He was writing about the subject on his Facebook page nearly every day, and was numbering his posts about Ukraine like so: “Ukraine 236”.  As time went on, the notes got more and more crazed.  He really went over the edge when the events in Odessa happened last May, alleging all kinds of mad conspiracy theories.

At some point, one of my followers on Twitter suggested a song to describe what was happening.  I liked it so much that I made it kind of a theme song whenever the individual was getting really crazy.

Today the song popped up again on Twitter, but in the context of Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

After Boris Nemtsov’s murder, it is clear that this song no longer applies to just one Russian posting his thoughts on Facebook (if it ever did).  Russia is at war, and has apparently considered itself at war for quite some time.  The only question is when the West else will wake up and realize that Russia is at war with them.


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