Kokh: I’m afraid I’ll be next

This reads like a Le Carre novel, but it’s worth noting:

Former deputy Prime Minister [of Russia] Alfred Kokh [currently living in self-exile in Germany] told Germany’s Bild that he feared for his life after the murder of Boris Nemtsov.  “I’m afraid I’m going to be next,” said Kokh….

According to Kokh, last fall he “organized a 3-day secret meeting of current and former leaders of the Russian opposition in a village in Germany’s Upper Bavaria.”  The meeting was attended by Boris Nemtsov, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and, in the words of the ex-politician, “many other former members of the Russian government, whom he does not want to name.”

During their meetings, the opposition was “looking for a way to break the power of Vladimir Putin,” the article says.  One of the participants was the former Georgian minister and enemy of the Russian president, Bendukidze, who died just a few weeks after the meeting allegedly from heart problems.

“I’m afraid that he [Bendukidze] and Nemtsov will not be the last in the list of people who will depart this life,” said Kokh.

Interestingly, Kokh implies here that Bendukidze was murdered, which most people dismissed at the time he died.

Editor’s note: I spell Kokh’s name based on the Russian spelling of his last name.


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