Nemtsov’s Death

I keep seeing this excuse that a climate of hate contributed to Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

A climate of hate did not kill Boris Nemtsov.  A climate of hate did not kill Alexander Litvinenko.  The Putin Regime killed them because they were traitors to their plans and visions.

This is what a climate of hate looks like:

And this happens in Russia every day.

The Putin regime has used xenophobia to solidify its grip on power.  It has done so since it came to power.  And they continue use hate, and anger, and race-baiting to maintain their grip on power.  The Putin regime uses this because it works.  This is not a new phenomenon, it’s been used time and time again by this regime and others before them.  And it will be used again.

Boris Nemtsov tried to work against this.  Some of the best tributes to Nemtsov and his work have come from people talking about how he tried to bring Russians together regardless of race or creed.

The Kremlin will still blame everybody but themselves for Nemtsov’s murder, and continue to cast themselves as victim.  The best tribute to Boris Nemtsov would be to ignore the hate spewing from Russia’s media, and work together to end this system.


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