Putin on the Nemtsov Murder


“The most serious attention must be paid to high-profile crimes, including those with a political motive,” Putin said. “We must finally rid Russia of the disgrace and tragedy of the kinds of things we recently saw and experienced: I mean the audacious murder of Boris Nemtsov in the very center of the capital.”


Fears that Nemtsov’s murder could signal the beginning of a new crackdown on dissidents and opposition activity may have been justified, as Putin went on to say:

At the moment there is mass confusion and a lot of finger pointing at different groups.  Sadly, as many have pointed out, this is the modus operandi of the Putin regime.  The murder of journalist Paul Klebnikov in 2004 has still not been solved.  Nor has the murder of journalist Anya Politkovskaya in 2006 been solved to anyone’s satisfaction.  Nor the countless other journalists and activists and opposition politicians who have been killed in the past 15 years.

The authorities are no closer to “solving” this murder either, though FSB Chief Bortnikov made the vague statement that “there are always suspects”.

Meanwhile, a video purportedly showing the crime scene on a dashcam (it’s Russia) 3 minutes after the murder has been released by a journalist from Ekho Moskvy (a popular radio station in Moscow).

The snowplow that was allegedly used to provide cover for the murderer(s) is shown, but beyond that, it is unclear what the video is supposed to prove.

I will keep providing updates here as the situation develops.



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