Just Leave?

Slava Rabinovich shared an article this morning from Forbes Russia which alleged that the Putin system is too broken for Putin to have ordered the murder of Boris Nemtsov.  I am not convinced by this argument, but frankly it’s a more frightening scenario than the theory that Putin ordered the hit.

The article went on to say that Nemtsov’s murder is just another incident showing that the Putin regime is near collapse.  The author alleged that the so-called “mercenaries” in Ukraine are also an indication of this (though this could be argued against since the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine has been documented).

Rabinovich noted:

This fact [that the article was published in Russia] also confirms the conclusions of the article.  And that is why the suitcase-taxi-train station has become the only solution for many… and perhaps it is the only correct decision.


If you are interested in learning about Russian troops in Ukraine, see this series from Vice.


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