Shevtsova on Nemtsov

Lilia Shevtsova on Nemtsov’s murder:

The death of Nemtsov is proof that the authorities are afraid.  This can only happen when there is uncertainly and a feeling of hopelessness.  Perhaps the incident speaks of its loss of self-control or about the loss of control for the mechanism of its survival.

Be that as it may, this was a political murder — a warning to the Kremlin class — even if this was not part of the plan.  A warning to his troops, including the systemic liberals, who are an important pillar of the regime.  And judging by the reaction of Chubais, they’ve realized this at last.  For all of the ruling elite — for all!! — the death of Nemtsov sounds like a demand of absolute loyalty — but now without the guarantee of payment.  Maybe that was the intent?  To not allow anyone off the Titanic?  To ensure corporate responsibility in the time of the approaching agony?

In any case, Boris Nemtsov has become a reminder of the law of the boomerang.  But this power today produces these laws.


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