Aleksashenko on Nemtsov

Economist and former Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Aleksashenko also alleges that the person who benefited most from Nemtsov’s death is Vladimir Putin.

Boris [Nemtsov] long ago formulated his position on the root cause of many of Russia’s problems today.  The fact that Vladimir Putin personally is the main obstacle to Russia’s movement toward modern civilization, the civilization of the 21st century.  He did not hide or mask his point of view.  He loudly and clearly invoked the name of his political opponents.  And this was dangerous not only for Vladimir Putin personally, but for the whole regime.

Nemtsov was not afraid of elections, either, Aleksashenko says, “he bravely took part in them, he was not afraid of meeting with voters, nor of debating his opponents… Boris could lose the elections, but that did not stop him from participating in them.”

He could only be removed from the political scene through death.  And his death was politically advantageous to Vladimir Putin.

People dismiss Nemtsov’s reports exposing Putin’s corrupt system as unimportant because they “did not contain anything new” and didn’t “seriously expose anything”, Aleksasenko continues, “but millions of copies of these reports were published and distributed”.  Now these reports will no longer be published, and this too benefits Putin.

Nemtsov was also not afraid to directly confront Putin’s corrupt court system, Aleksashenko points out.

In addition to this, Nemtsov had contacts in the international community to whom he was able to explain what was happening in Russia.  This was a threat to Putin’s narrative of Russia as a besieged fortress, and his attempt to turn the country into another North Korea.

But all of this does not answer the question “for what reason”?  And it is true.  Putin’s system is still robust and stable, and is able to control the situation in the country using this arsenal.  But this system is not able to debate its opponents — it can only destroy them.

This is why the Putin regime’s opponents are either in jail or dead, Aleksashenko alleges.

And all of this is because Putin’s criminal KGB system has learned the rule: “there are people, there are problems; no person — no problem”, and it cannot live otherwise.

This is why Boris Nemtsov was killed.


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