Limonov on Nemtsov

Eduard Limonov is an opposition figure who at one point several years ago joined together with Kasyanov, Kasparov, Nemtsov, and Ryzhkov to create a group called “The Other Russia“.  The group died mostly due to personality clashes, and was succeeded by several different groups which also died for similar reasons.

Perhaps because of this, Limonov’s perspective on the opposition movement in Russia and its leadership is often highly critical. Here is what he had to say about Nemtsov:

It is good that Nemtsov is no longer.

The deceased brought in the life of the ultra-liberal opposition nonsense and chaos.  He was underfoot first with Kasparov and Kasyanov, then with Ryzhkov, and finally, in recent years, with Navalny.  He was superfluous.

We must accept that Boris [Nemtsov] was a fool and he had no ideas.

Then Limonov points the finger at everybody’s favourite villain, Vladislav Surkov, for organising Nemtsov’s murder.

He then moves on to criticize the popular anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny.

Navalny is also a mediocre idiot.  I met with him for four hours, and except for his conceit (he kept repeating importantly: “I am a politician,” “I, as a politician,” I’m a politician”), I couldn’t find anything in him.

Navalny is in idiot, and he has no ideas.

“Navalny is buoyed by Russian and foreign media”, and if it were not for this, Limonov alleges, he would have disappeared into obscurity long ago. To make matters worse, Navalny’s blog posts are boring, and he is not a politician.

Limonov says he anticipates charges of professional jealousy for what he writes, but he denies this, ending by saying, “I generally speak the truth.”


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