Shevtsova on the Clan War

On the new “hope of Russian democracy”.  What thoughts arise when you hear the statement from all [news] outlets about the conflict between the siloviki [security services] and [Chechen leader Ramzan] Kadyrov, which, allegedly, sent Putin into confusion?  This mantra has now become a point of consensus of a wide variety of people — from the liberals to the nationalists.  And they all believe in the one who is “absolutely evil”.  And now I read the conclusion of the Russian expert: “The irony is that the FSB [Federal Security Service] now serves as the last hope of democracy in Russia.”  We have arrived!!!  You inevitably begin to suspect that this was all started so that people would see that there is an absolute evil, and so support the lesser evil.  Because the consolidation [of Russian society] “through Ukraine” and “Crimea is Ours” is fizzling out….
This means that apart from America, a new devil incarnate is needed and one nearby… Fortunately we already have saviors.


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