Kokh on the Russian Political Scene

Alfred Kokh’s long post on Facebook today about recent developments in Russian politics:

“Well, then. The economic sanctions haven not been lifted. And when they will be revoked is unknown. Moreover, six more countries joined them. Russia’s access to [both] the capital and the advanced technology markets is closed.

Sanctions against individuals will deepen, it is now obvious. See, for example, the statement by [British Prime Minister David] Cameron about offshore companies owning property in London, or the failure of [Duma Speaker Sergei] Naryshkin to get a Schengen visa to visit Finland… Slowly but surely they are choosing to offshore their accounts, and wives, and kids…

Turkey actually blocked construction of the “Turkish Stream.” The Chinese have not given the final price of gas for the “Power of Siberia” project. The West is set to lift the embargo on Iranian oil, and in the past month, the price [of oil] has fallen by 20%.

The court in London is on the verge of a verdict that Litvinenko was killed by Lugovoi and Kovtun on orders from the Kremlin. With all the ensuing consequences. In particular, the list of names for issuing the killers and their masterminds. Public and official.

After the Russian veto in the Security Council over the downing of MH17, the UN General Assembly is likely to vote to create a tribunal that will have an international mandate. The consequences are predictable, too.

This is all in addition to the economic crisis, a decline in GDP, double-digit inflation, the most brutal budget crisis, and the collapse of the pension system. Plus the undeclared war in Ukraine that should not be spoken of aloud. Meanwhile the war has passed through the heart of tens of millions of Russian citizens who are connected with Ukraine in one way or another.

Then add in the political assassinations, harassment of the real opposition, flagrant violations of citizens’ fundamental voting rights, fabrication of criminal cases, the transition to extra-judicial executions by Kadyrov’s death squads.

And all this against the backdrop of wild propaganda, hysteria, bragging, the arrogant faith in our success, and the stories that we have no rivals…. Meanwhile, the per capita GDP of Kazakhstan is already higher than Russia.

And the rosette on this cake: the authorities believe that with all this, we should piously believe that the situation in the country is stable as never before, and we are the vanguard of humanity and its moral leader.

If this is not a madhouse, then what is? Then this morning, Putin coyly asked a Swiss journalist, “Do you think I’m crazy?” The polite Swiss kept silent. And this was right: psychiatrists are advised not to discuss unpleasant things with their patients – an attack could happen…


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