Regime Trolling

Following up on yesterday’s post on the Russian regime’s dramatic destruction of banned food products, Sergei Medvedev had an opinion piece on the subject in Forbes Russia.

Last week, Russia reached new heights of the grotesque as a result of the regime’s actions, he notes.

“…all of this has nothing to do with food security in Russia, nor in the effectiveness of the embargo, nor to the EU farmers.”

In Medvedev’s opinion, this is just another example of the regime trolling people. “Trolling the West, trolling the opposition…” Both of whom, of course, reacted true to form.

He continues:

“In the absence of political will and strategic thinking and under a shrinking resource base, trolling becomes the way of thinking and the principle genre of public policy.”

“The latest example of State trolling is the proposal from the State Duma to organize an international tribunal for the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In taking such steps there is nothing but the desire to undermine public debate, to anger the opponent (or the opposition), to throw insane ideas into the political arena.”

At the heart of the Kremlin’s trolling lies a fundamental weakness: the authorities, unable to cope with any challenges from the outside world, or even from their own society, places all force into the promotion and creation of information bombs, spam and flames, it creates constant media pressure, the total effect of a presence on all platforms – just as a troll who comes to the forum and breaks up a meaningful discussion.

This is because the regime has no political will to change the situation in the country. They don’t want to help the orphans, and the infirm, so they banned foreign adoptions, “shocking the West, and trolling the opposition, and human rights activists”. Equally, the regime is incapable of stopping inflation. They cannot even effectively enforce their own food import ban. So instead they dramatically ordered the destruction of banned food products. “creating the maximum media effect”.

The regime’s actions seem to be “intended to demonstrate the greatness and sovereignty of Russia and its particular spiritual path, its resistance of and contempt for material wealth.”

“In modern Russia, the demonstrative destruction of products is the transition from the era of conspicuous consumption of oil to the ostentatious destruction of the post-Crimea era.”

But the regime is only succeeding in making itself look ridiculous.

“So leave off crying over burnt cheese and crushed peaches…,” he concludes, “and do not feed the troll. Just ignore it.”


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