A Nation of Zombies

A photo surfaced on the internet earlier this week of a family in behind the grave of a victim of the Kursk submarine tragedy. The two boys are wearing t-shirts with President Putin on them. And the woman is holding what looks like a commemorative book titled “The Kursk”.

The photo was viewed with shock by much of the Russian blogosphere, many of whom recalled President Putin’s now infamous response of “it sank”, when Larry King asked him “What happened to the submarine?”

But Arkady Babchenko was more than appalled. He was compelled to write the following.

Babchenko writes he doesn’t even care anymore. He doesn’t “give a damn” about Russia’s future.

“I cannot change anything in this country…” he writes. A country “…where wives abandon their dead soldier husbands for money, where parents by their silence abandon their captured sons, and children come to the grave of their deceased father from the “Kursk” with the portrait of the man [Putin], saying “it sank”.

He continues:

“I absolutely do not care how it happened. To hell with the reasons why peoples’ brains were eaten. I am not interested.

I am not even sorry I have no country. This territory populated by these people is not my country.”

Russia had a decade of freedom. And they willingly gave it up “on a silver platter” in exchange for “stability” [one of Putin’s most often used words].

“I do not care how it happened. I do not care what will happen to them. I do not care what will happen to this territory – it is just a territory, there is no country, and no nation, only small groups of atomized angry zombies who hate anybody who is not part of their pack. To hell with them.”

“I cannot change anything, although God knows I tried. I really tried.”

“…if the country fell into the pit by itself – it’s not so bad. But it is not enough just to kill just her own citizens. She is sure to kill even strangers. To burn in tanks not just her own children, but also others. Zombies do not want to just kill each other. Zombies also want to kill people.”

“How exactly this area will die does not matter to me…”

But who will they destroy along with themselves, he wonders.

Babchenko concludes:

“I cannot change anything in this country. I tried – we tried – but failed. They are more. A lot of them. There are millions of them.”

“Well anyway, I am sorry.”

Earlier in the week, Sasha Sotnik had a interview with the Academic Yuri Ryzhov, who stated: “I think that those who are able, should leave [Russia].”

Sotnik followed up on Babchenko’s post by recalling that Putin had labelled the wives of the Kursk victims as “whores” for questioning the fate of their husbands.

“Today the list of “whores” has expanded. Anyone who does not like his politics, who are sick of his maxims and verbal somersaults, who cannot stand lies, neither at the state or household level.”

Russia is now a fascist state, Sotnik avers.

“Many of us consider whether or not we should leave. Someone [Babchenko] even declares that he “does not care what happens to this country.”

“And no story on television. No articles in the large-circulation media. Only deathly silence. Only photos of the children of the victims. Children who for some reason are wearing t-shirts with the image of the man who insulted their mothers.”

“Oblivion negates the concept of morality.” he continues. And then concludes: “This is how we live. This is how we drown.”


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