In All Seriousness

It’s August, and the Russian elite are getting nervous.

This post by Vladimir Yakovlev is the latest.

“I am sure that there will be one of two scenarios in Russia in the next few weeks or months.

Either a change in government with completely unpredictable and dangerous consequences. Or a severe social crisis with street crime, a lack of basic necessities, and a real danger to the life and health of citizens.

Therefore, in all seriousness:

If at all possible, leave, and more importantly, take the children.

Okay, not forever, for two or three months (this can be done without a visa), or for six months. But — leave. If during this time nothing happens, and the situation gets better, I’ll be very glad to be wrong.”

He continues:

“I understand that those who are now 25-30 do not feel the reality of such scenarios. I, too, at this age felt the same.”

Yakovlev then recalls how the 1991 Putsch happened without any warning. And he calls the fact that more bloodshed did not occur “a miracle”.

But he says,

“This time there will be no miracle because those who were then weak, today are strong, and those where were then in the country and had the opportunity to influence the situation are no longer here.”

He continues:

“The coming catastrophe cannot be avoided. It can only be experienced. I know I will not be listened to, but I still say that you need to stop swearing and understand who is right. Because it does not matter. It will be possible to find out later. Now it is only important how we save people — human beings, regardless of their political beliefs.

Because very soon, very bad, very terrible and very dangerous things will happen to everybody.”

Yakovlev then offers some advice, and suggests that a committee of public safety needs to be formed.

“Not to overthrow the government. This is something that will happen on its own, without any help. But in order to save the people in the situation that the country will find itself in in the near future.”

He says that he hopes that such a committee has already been quietly created by the likes of Navalny and Khodorkovsky.

“But if I’m wrong, and there is nothing like this, it needs to be done immediately. I can even recommend a name. What about 19-20?

In honour of that one night from 19-20 August 1991, the night at the White House, when the country was really united by the common desire to save itself.”


2 thoughts on “In All Seriousness

  1. Isn’t Yakovlev going a little close to the edge on this? Or is he out already?
    I do remember 1991 when another Yakovlev warned that a putsch was imminent and nobody listened. Far more complex situation now.

  2. I was wrong. Yakovlev must have left on the Friday. I tried to get a fax to our Moscow office asking suggesting they get heads down but by the time they received it Monday things were happening.

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