This Is Not A State

Leonid Volkov wrote the following post on Facebook this morning about the trouble with the Russian bureaucracy:

As an IT person, it is particularly annoying for me to hear all these stories about how the country is ruled by registries [the bureaucracy]. When you have deleted from the cadastral database [Defense Minister] Shoigu’s dacha, and then you cut out all data about Lyudmila Putina’s [remarriage].

This is worse than the collapse of the state; even in the Siege [of Leningrad] in Petersburg the damn trams operated and birth (and death) certificates were issued and account books were kept.

I do not know how to explain, but here is this thing that should be prohibited, I feel this way (and I think many feel this way too). Okay, they are stealing, a lot where they steal anyway; okay, there is injustice; okay, there is a lot which is somehow unfair, but then there is the registry — this is a basic thing.

I can imagine a state where everybody steals… but I cannot imagine a state where you cannot trust the registries, where you cannot trust notaries, or others like them. This is not a state. It is something else.


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