Paul Gregory had an article today in Forbes discussing the Domodedovo drama, and what it means, and I don’t quite agree with him. I wrote a bit about Domodedovo already, but to clarify my position:

Domodedovo’s Dmitry Kamenshchik was given an opportunity and he took it and made something of it. But he also knew that he had signed a deal with the devil. And the devil always demands something in return. In this case, the airport was only ever his on loan.

There is no private property in Russia, as I’ve discussed here on numerous occasions. The system is not crony capitalism. It is neo-feudalism. The State gives, and the State takes away. This is the how Regime operates. Those within the system know it.

You can hold Kamenshchik up as an example of how the Russian Regime operates, but don’t make him a victim. He knows how the system works, and he knew what he was doing when he refused to sell back to the State what was not his to begin with.

One more point (well, actually tw0): Vladimir Yakunin was never arrested, and Russian Railways was definitely never his because it is a state corporation.


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