Systemic Opposition

A short article by Anna Nemtsova in The Daily Beast about the march commemorating the one year anniversary of the murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov. What stood out (once again) was that Russia’s systemic opposition is too focused on the petty to be truly effective.

“We went to court against the ban, we made lists of activists who were ready to be detained and spend a few days in jail just to pay our tribute to Nemtsov,” Dmitritevsky said. “We were very stubborn.”

Meanwhile, peoples livelihoods are being destroyed by the Regime. I am, of course, talking about the illegal destruction of small shops by the city of Moscow in the middle of the night. These are not oligarchs who could afford to take the hit. These are people who depend on their small kiosks and shops to survive. And did people take to the streets to protest? Were they willing to go to jail for supporting their neighbors? Did the so-called opposition even make a collective statement condemning the actions of Moscow’s City Hall?

And that’s just one example of the multiple ways that the Russian Regime is destroying the lives and livelihoods of ordinary citizens. The destruction of the mono-cities (towns dependent on only one industry for its livelihood), the blatant destruction of food by the authorities, the new system set to destroy the trucking business. All of these have received minimal condemnation from the systemic opposition.

Russia’s systemic opposition is allowed to survive precisely because they do not actually oppose the Regime. They are perfectly fine with the system as it currently exists except for one thing: they are not the ones running it.

This is why rather than support movements that oppose the Regime and its actions, these people who claim to oppose it would rather march and go to jail over a street name.


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