Back in January when the drama surrounding Kadyrov started to heat up again, Ruslan Khasbulatov gave an interview about the current situation in the country. He blamed just about everybody in the Kremlin (including Putin & Medvedev) for the economic ills society was facing.

But what struck me most in the interview was this quote:

Our government is too afraid of any criticism at all. Without criticism there can be no positive movement. But the phenomenon of Kadyrov is in the fact that he does a lot of useful things. He needs help, but he doesn’t always find support.

As I wrote earlier, I think that a lot of what is happening is just for entertainment. And the fact that Kadyrov made his announcement on the same day that Ilya Yashin released his report on Kadyrov seems to indicate that it was nothing more than a distraction.

The social media response begging Kadyrov to stay is just another ploy. It gives the Regime and Kadyrov the chance to say and show people that Kadyrov is actually a popular figure, who must not be replaced. And the Kremlin can say, well, what can we do? Kadyrov is popular. People want him to stay. We are acceding to the will of the people, to their wishes.

And so Kadyrov will stay.


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