How Long Will Putin Last?

There was a blog post in the Washington Post yesterday asking “How Long Will Putin Stay in Power?”

The author (whom I have never encountered before) did not really answer the question, only suggesting that Putin will manage to hold on through the 2018 “and beyond”. That is, barring a coup.

Now I know I’m the only one arguing this (in English anyway), but I don’t believe that Putin is really in charge of Russia. If a coup did take place, it took place a long time ago, and nobody realized it.

Putin is still useful to the Regime at the moment and will remain in place until they feel he is no longer useful to their purposes. I suspect what that means is that Putin will die in office, something the author of the blog post neglected to offer as an option.

Putin is part of a system that was created long before he was selected to be Russia’s president. And the system will remain in place long after he is gone unless the Russian people stand up and protest it.


4 thoughts on “How Long Will Putin Last?

  1. Ronamund

    Putin makes possible a lot that without him wouldn’t be on a similar way. Planning a coup would naturally include the whole company, everyone who is part of the current system, not only Putin, but the coup cannot happen without ousting Putin. On the other hand it is possible to get Putin and some others out without rooting all of them. It isn’t ideal though, if you’re doing the job it’s better done well. There’s no point in foreseeing what can’t be foreseen, a lot of unseemly things will probably happen. What I’m most eager to know is who shoots Putin and when. The next question being what can replace them.

    1. The Regime could have picked just about anybody and achieved the same result. Putin is just a cog in a machine that is the Russian System. This is what people fail to understand. Anybody who replaces him will be the same.

      1. Ronamund

        Nobody can give the impression that inhumanity (Putin) can. A psychological effect. The way they use propaganda all leans on the impression Putin makes. No one can fool other politicians on the same level.

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