Crude Highway Robbery

Russian MP Dmitry Gudkov responded on his Facebook page:

Pay attention here to the today’s quote of vice prime minister Olga Golodets: “In three years the Ministry of Finance transfers to the accumulative pensions have not been reported in the budget. The budget fully takes into account the indexation of pensions, all payment of pensions and social payments will increase in full.” That is an accumulative pension “freeze” (stealing) in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

This is one of the major government statements in recent months. Not “there’s no money” [referencing Prime Minister Medvedev’s comment to pensioners in Crimea], and not about the ridiculous apartments, but this rather dry statement. I will explain why.

There is a huge hole in the Pension Fund, and it needs to be filled. If they don’t fill it, then the country will no longer pay pensions. This must not be allowed not only for moral reasons (there is not a single official who cares), but primarily because of the fear of protests. Especially now – before the elections in 2016 [the parliamentary elections are scheduled two weeks from Sunday] and 2018 [the Presidential election is scheduled for March].

The hole can be filled in two ways: either with money from the budget, or taking away money from somebody. It is impossible to take from the budget: it is to us “power”, that is, with a lot of closed military documents, and in fact, there are plenty of opportunities for theft, because as it has closed documents, no one can check for embezzlement.

So it is necessary for somebody to steal. Steal from us – the working generation. To just take the contributory pension and give it to the current retirees. No compensation – just the most common form of robbery, like on the high road. That is our government is Robin Hood.

And as for the second part of the statement of Olga Golodets: “The budget fully takes into account the indexation of pensions, all payment of the pensions and social payments will increase in full.”

She means that the authorities care about the current pensioners ([their] primary voters). It is bad to con with [a one time payment of] 5000 roubles instead of indexing pensions, but they are at least going to try. But nobody thinks about the future. Because when it comes time for this generation of workers to receive their pensions, they will not get it: in their own accounts will be exactly nothing. All the money has already been withdrawn, comforted by unsecured “pension points”.

I have written repeatedly about how to carry out pension reform in order to have enough now and for tomorrow.

Instead the current government behaves like a temporary employee. Now somehow wiggle out and after us – the deluge. They do not plan in advance because they know that they won’t be in power much longer. They take with one hand, and use the other to calm the current social protest….


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